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Scan 3D scanner

HSCAN series portable 3D scanner adopts multiple beam laser to obtain the 3D point from object surface. Operator can hand-hold the device and flexibly adjust the distance and angle between the scanner and measured object timely. The scanner can also be conveniently carried to industrial field or production workshop, and scanned the object efficiently and accurately according to its size and shape.

VR3D portrait scanner

VR3D instantaneous 3D imaging system BodyCapture-60D utilizes the close-up photogrammetry to capture the comprehensive information of the figure instantly through the camera array. The model obtained through the perfect post-processing process can support various mainstream 3D printers, such as full-color 3D printers, industrial-grade 3D printers, FDM printers, etc., as well as various forms of electronic document browsing, such as PC, WEB, mobile APP browsing, etc.


Prismlab RP400 3D Printer

Based on abundant experiences in photo-sensitive technology, mass production, and transboundary transformation, Prismlab developed the patented SLA technology called SMS and further launched Rapid Series 3D printers and corresponding consumables - photopolymer resin. Products have the following characteristics:

● Hourly output Up to 1000 grams, 10 times faster than other SLA system available;

● Up to 100μm precision for any parts of 600mm high;

● Self-developed and produced printers and materials, greatly reducing unit printing costs;

● Patented technologies, breaking patents limitations in foreign markets.

On EuroMold Expo 2014, the largest and most professional event for 3D printer, Prismlab became the exclusive participator in industrial field from China due to patents protection, which means equal competitiveness with foreign commercial giants.

Matrix exposure system from Prismlab team leads to reduced unit printing costs, and shortened delivery time, making 3D Printing easily accessible to applications and industries which feel sensitive to processing period and printing costs.

Makerbot desktop 3D printer

● A brand new, user-friendly 3D printing platform;

● Support APP control and cloud processing;

● New intelligent spray head, motion control and lifting device;

● Embedded camera and diagnostic system assist platform leveling;

● Generate high-quality and high-resolution prototypes and complex models;

● Smooth surface of the models spares polishing;

● Rapid printing or high-resolution printing are optional.

EOS M290 metal printer

EOS M290 is the SLM metal 3D printer with the largest installed capacity in the world. It adopts direct powder sintering molding technology and USES infrared laser to directly sintering various metal materials, such as die steel, titanium alloy, aluminum alloy, CoCrMo alloy, iron-nickel alloy and other powder materials.