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  • 2005

    · Prismlab China Ltd. established, focusing on development of photo-finishing machine, and laid a solid foundation for entering into 3D printing world.

  • 2009

    · Prismlab successfully developed world exclusive “Double-sided printing” photo-processing technology, and this “revolutionary” release marks that Prismlab has been at the forefront of technology and product research.

  • 2013

    · In August, successfully released Rapid series 3D printers and corresponding resin materials

    · In December, Prismlab passed CE, RoHS

  • 2014

    · Prismlab was appointed to be “High-Tech Enterprise”

  • 2015

    · In May, alongside Lingang Group, Prismlab set up a 3D printing technology and application training base of Shanghai Municipal Human Resources and Social Security Bureau;

    · In August, Mr. Han, secretary of Municipal Party Committee, and Mr. Yang, Shanghai mayor, kindly visited Prismlab, provided profound guidance for our future development strategy;

    ·In November, Prismlab established a strategic cooperation relationship with Materialise.

  • 2016

    · In January, Prismlab RP400 won the “Taiwan Golden Pin Design Award”;

    · In August, Prismlab was selected as “2015 Top Ten the Most Visited Industrial 3D Printer Supplier”;

    · In October, the design of RP400 won “iF Industrie Forum Design” Award;

  • 2017

    ·In September, self-developed photopolymer resins of Prismlab were certified by Shanghai Biomaterials Research and Testing Center;

    ·In October, Prismlab officially launched the fully automated production system named RP-ZD6A, realized full automation from data placement to post-processing.

  • 2018

    ·In November, Prismlab won the “National Science and Technology Major Project” as the lead initiator and resoundingly signed financing contract with the two world industrial giants “BASF” and “SABIC”.