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Q1. Could the printing of all kinds of applications, dental model, prototype, sole, jewelry, architecture etc. be realized on the same printer?

Yes, our device could meet all sorts of printing demands by adopting different specific material.

Q2. What's the patented technology of the machine?

SMS (Semi-Micro Scanning System).

Q3. Compared with other parallel SLA products, what are the advantages of Prismlab?

Prismlab SLA 3D printers can print at ultra-fast speed in extra-large size with high precision, which is 5-10 times faster than parallel products. Hourly output volume: 1500g.

Q4. How many kinds of material are available and what’s the wavelength?

Prismlab is a high-tech enterprise, which integrates manufacture with research and development of equipment and materials. At present, mainly 7 kinds of materials for different applications are optional, e.g. industrial, castable, medical and safety materials for dental models etc. The wavelength of materials is 405nm.

Q5. Are materials certified for safety?

Yes. All materials have relevant safety testing reports and safe transport certification.

Q6. How to pay for the goods?

Payment Terms: T/T. 30% deposit upon order confirmed and 70% paid prior the shipment.

Q7. How long is the leading time of products?

30 days after order confirmed & receipt of deposit.

Q8. What post-processes are required? Are painting and plating ok?

Clean and polish (if in need) the samples after removing from the building plate. Painting and plating are satiable.