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High Quality Dental Sheets Series

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Prismlab develops, produces and sells high-quality TPU dental orthodontic sheets of various specifications. The sheet has high toughness and strength, and is not easy to be damaged or broken; There are many specifications, which can give customers more choices; Excellent anti fouling ability and more hygienic wearing; In addition, there is no discomfort after wearing it. Let’s start with  teeth with a gorgeous smile!

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1、High Toughness
More tough than PETG and PP materials,long-term protection of the orthodontic position
2、Strong Stain Resistance
Perfect solution to stained aligners such as coffee
3、More Options
Available in a variety of sizes to meet the clinical needs of different stages
4、Higher Strength
High hard polyester resin, designed for dentistry
5、Light & durable, more comfortable to wear,
Invisible and brighter smile


Prismlab orthodontic foils are used for orthodontics. Dentists can formulate special orthodontic schemes according to the orthodontic conditions of patients, and then make specific orthodontic braces in each period to achieve the purpose of teeth. Each invisible braces are customized, and it is easy to make them through prismlab orthodontic foils.



Material TPU
Specification T076RC125N
Thickness 0.76±0.02mm
Width 125.0±1.0mm
Color Colorless, light green, light blue
Surface Finish - Surface A Mirror
Surface Finish - Surface B Frosted
Properties Value ASTM Standard
Proportion 1.2g/cm3 D792
Yield Strength N55MPa D638
Breaking Tenacity >65MPa D 638
Tensile Elastic Modulus 1900MPa D638
Bending Strength 90MPa D790
Bending Elastic Modulus 2300 MPa D790
Yield Elongation 6% D638
Breaking Elongation 150% D638
48 hrs Stress Relaxation 25%
Shore Hardness 84±3D D2240
Vicat Temperature 101C D1525





Why choose Prismlab?

Thanks to prismlab high-quality dental foils, dentists can better formulate better orthodontic plans for patients. The shelf life of this product is two years, and the quality of the product has been improved. Prismlab has obtained the corresponding production qualification, and can produce and sell orthodontic foils of various specifications. Customers can choose them according to their own needs, and they can use them with confidence.

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