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Prismlab automatic assembly production line of making clear aligners

Prismlab automatic assembly production line was designed to be used in the processing and production of clear aligners. Which can realize the clear aligner manufacturing in thermoforming,laser marking and trimming automatically,the whole working efficiency will be enhanced significantly for mass production.

2. Equipment Technique Parameter
2.1 Production Line Working Diagram

Prismlab automatic assembly production line




 Product Name






Automatic Aligner Thermoforming

2.7*1.1*2 m

800 KG


220 V


Laser marking machine

1.4*1.1*2 m

400 KG


220 v


Automatic Aligner Trimming machine

1.3*1.1*2 m

600 KG


220 v







3.Technical Parameters of Automatic Aligner Thermoformingmachine

1) Controllable forming temperature range: 150℃ -400℃s, the foil was heated evenly
2) Heating efficiency: 3) Controllable forming pressure range: 1-10 Bar
4) Working efficiency of forming (single time to complete forming) : ≤15 seconds
5) Excellent in compactness
6) Defective rate of forming (rework rate) : <1%

7) With the model character identification function

4.Main operating technical parameters

1) Visual recognition rate > 99%
2) Visual recognition time ≤0.2 seconds
3) Recognition rate of laser marking QR code > 99.9%
4) Laser single coding time < 2 seconds
5) The defective rate of laser coding is close to 0

5.Technical Parameters of Automatic Aligner Trimming Machine

1) The edge of the clear aligner after trimming is consistent with the original trimming line, and the accuracy is <0.3mm
2) Operation time of trimming a single clear aligner: 3) No interference in the trimming process
4) After trimming, the edge burr rate of clear aligner is less than 2%
5) Bad trimming (rework) rate: <1%
6) Provide supporting tools and software to solve the automatic generation of trimming lines and manual correction functions;
7) Provide supporting tools and software to solve the function of base shape generation for trimming and positioning;
8) Provide API interface, solve the custom trimming line path, tool Angle setting function;

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