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ACTA-B Automatic Clear Aligner Trimming Machine

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Prismlab ACTA-B Automatic Clear Aligner Trimming Machine has an integrated metal body, with a simple and elegant appearance. Equipped with intelligent operation software, it realizes automatic grabbing, automatic cutting and assembly line production. The operation efficiency was doubled, and the average cutting time of each invisible orthodontic dental membrane was less than 15 seconds, realizing mass production.

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The laser marking can be carried out in front, so that one laser marking machine can supply multiple cutting machines, effectively saving costs. It can be connected with multiple equipment to realize assembly line production and 24-hour uninterrupted operation, so as to further improve the cutting efficiency of a single equipment and production efficiency.

Prismlab China Ltd. has a complete after-sales service system, which can provide professional after-sales service personnel for each equipment, solve the installation and commissioning problems of the equipment and the training of relevant operators, and solve various problems in the operation of the equipment and equipment maintenance, so as to ensure the normal operation of the customer's equipment and ensure the normal operation of the enterprise.


1. Highly automated operation, one person can operate

2. Higher cutting precision and perfect operation

3. Stable performance, not easy to fail

4. Save cost, time and effort

5. Multiple sets can be connected to form an assembly line to increase operation efficiency


Prismlab ACTA-B  Automatic Clear Aligner Trimming Machine is mainly used in the processing and production of Clear Aligner. It cuts the invisible orthodontic foil pressed on the dental mold from the whole orthodontic foil, with a high degree of matching and high degree of customization.

Prismlab ACTA-B  Automatic Clear Aligner Trimming Machine is more stable, durable and not easy to fail. It is the more advanced product, which can effectively save the intermittent maintenance cost and better bring benefits to the enterprise.



Product Model ATCA-B
Dimension (l?W*H mm) 1500*1100*2000(mm)
Weight 600kg
Control Voltage AC220V DC24V
Equipment Power (Accessory power excluded) 5kW
Input Air Source Diameter Φ10
Input Air Pressure 0.4-0.6(Mpa)
Vacuum Pressure -0.98-0.85 (Kpa)
Workbench Size (mm) 90(mm)
Efficiency W15(s/piece)
Ambient Temperature -20°C-60°C





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