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The SLA 3D printer independently developed by Prismlab not only has the characteristics of high precision and superior surface quality, but also gains multiple innovations in equipment operation. Among them, the replaceable resin tank system makes it much convenient for users to replace printing materials. And together with adjustable parameter LCD, the printer possesses great compatibility with dozens of photosensitive resin materials.

These materials include: ABS like resin with high toughness, rubber like flexible resin, transparent resin, but also other resin materials with special properties (high temperature resistance, dewaxing casting, etc.).

With years of industrial experience and the usage feedback of Prismlab 3D printing service center, Prismlab has developed divers resin materials of various uses and performances.

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Pulison high quality dental diaphragm

1. With high toughness 2. With high strength 3. Light and durable, comfortable to wear
It is suitable for making professional orthodontics


Prismlab RP - 405 - T Series

The material is a special dental material with high toughness and strength.
Suitable for dental and orthodontic models.


Prismlab RP - 405 - I Series

The material is characterized by high durability, stability and low shrinkage.
It is suitable for complex and fine parts with high impact resistance and can achieve injection quality.


Prismlab RP - 405 - C Series

The material has high direct investment casting property, no boiling, high burnout rate.
Suitable for high-precision jewelry models.


Prismlab RP - 405 - S Series

A flexible resin material with high flexibility, expansion rate and soft touch.
Suitable for flexible tear resistant models such as soles.


Prismlab RP - 405 - G Series

With the characteristics of translucent, high strength, can print high strength, high toughness, waterproof fine products.
Suitable for hearing AIDS, earphones and other medical devices.

Why choose Prismlab

Prismlab resin materials are widely used in many application scenarios, such as dentistry, shoemaking, medical treatment, education and other fields. For each field, prismlab has developed customized resin materials, which can better meet the actual printing needs of printing.

For example, prismlab-405-t series of UV curable resin materials can perfectly match the needs of dental 3D printing. This material has extremely high toughness and strength, and the printed model is not easy to change color, damage and other advantages, which can meet the requirements for models in dental printing.

Prismlab rp-405-i series has the characteristics of high durability, stability and low shrinkage. It is suitable for complex and fine parts with high impact resistance, which can meet the requirements of injection molding quality. It is a highly characteristic 3D printing material.

Prismlab rp-405-c series has high direct investment casting, non boiling and high burnout rate. It is suitable for high-precision jewelry models.

Prismlab rp-405-s series is a kind of flexible resin material with high flexibility, elasticity and soft touch. It is suitable for elastic tear resistant flexible models, such as soles.

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