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SP Series SP-600P01X brand high-accuracy SMS 3D Printer

Short Description:

Prismlab’s series of 3D printers use SMS light curing 3D printers to print models that can completely replace the traditional hand mold to some extent, making mold opening not only fast, but also a revolutionary change in mold processing, which is the integration of mold processing and better quality.

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Application of SMS 3D printing technology in mold design and manufacturing:
● Break the shackles of mold as the mother of industry. Through 3D printing, mold free manufacturing can be realized, especially in the aspects of new product research and development, personalized customization, small batch production, complex special-shaped structure products, and non splicing integrated molding and manufacturing. 3D printing can replace the traditional mold manufacturing method and profoundly change the mold industry.
● Direct 3D printing of molds or mold parts that can be used for production. For example, injection molds, stretching molds, die-casting molds, etc. can also be used for mold repair.




Product Name SP-600P SP-800P
Laser Type Diode-pumped Solid-state Laser Diode-pumped Solid-state Laser
Wavelength 355nm 355nm
Laser Power 3W 3W
Recoating Mode Intelligent Vacuum Absorptive Scraper Intelligent Vacuum Absorptive Scraper
Normal Build Thickness 0.1mm 0.1mm
Accuracy <100mm; ±0.1mm , >100mm;l/1000mmXWorkpiece length <100mm; ±0.1mm , >100mm;l/1000mmXWorkpiecelength
Benchmark Platform Marble Marble
Precise Build Thickness 0.05~0.lmm 0.05-0.1mm
Beam Size 0.1-0.8mm (adjustable) 0.1-0.8mm (adjustable)
Scan Speed 6-12m/s 6~12m/s
Build Rate 50-200g/h 50-200g/h
Benchmark Platform XYZ Integrated Marble Platform XYZ Integrated Marble Platform
Position Repeatability ±0.01mm ±0.01mm
Main Application Orthodontics, Aerospace, Art & Design, Architecture, Automobile Accessory, Ed ucation Orthodontics, Aerospace, Art & Design, Architecture, Automobile Accessory, Education
Pre-processing Software Materialise Magics RP (optional) Materialise Magics RP (optional)
Input File Format STL STL
Power Requirement 200-240VAC 50/60HZ, Single phase, lOAmps 200-240VAC 50/60HZ, Single phase, 10Amps
Ambient Temp 20-26°C 20-26°C
Relative Humidity Less than 40%, Non-condensing Less than 40%, Non-condensing
Device Dimension 1.3m X 1.1m X 1.95m 1.5m X 1.3m X 2.35m
Weight 700kg 1000kg
Max Build Volume 600mmX600mmX400mm (customizable) 800mm X 800mm X 400mm (customizable)

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